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Hyperhidrosis is a common condition in which a person sweats excessively and can be quite embarrassing and have a big emotional and physical effect. At Simplyteeth we can help you treat this condition and minimize sweating.

Excess sweating may affect the whole body, or it may only affect certain areas. Commonly affected areas include the:

Both sides of the body are usually affected equally – for example, both feet or both hands. The sweating doesn’t usually pose a serious threat to your health, but it can be embarrassing and distressing.

How to know if you have hyperhidrosis

To know whether your levels of sweating are considered “normal” is incredibly difficult. However, a general rule of thumb is that if sweating is causing you to experience negative feelings, or is making you avoid certain personal interactions (such as shaking hands or avoiding socialising) it is most likely worthwhile to speak with a professional.

What causes hyperhidrosis

In many cases, hyperhidrosis has no obvious cause and is thought to be the result of a problem with the part of the nervous system that controls sweating. This is known as primary hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis that does have an identifiable cause is known as secondary hyperhidrosis. This can have many different triggers, including:

Botox Injections

At Simplyteeth our fully qualified trained dentists can help by administering Botox into the affected areas to help reduce sweating, effects last for up to 4 months, and its painless and quick. The effects take about 2 weeks to kick in.

We treat underarm/arm pits and the soles of the feet, a series of tiny painless injections are administered and this relieves the symptoms

Don’t wait around and be embarrassed, we are use to treating this condition, and its so quick and easy to treat.

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At Simplyteeth in Essex, our trained professionals are able to diagnose hyperhidrosis, and can provide helpful guidance and/or treatment.

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