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Veneers in Essex

Veneers in Essex


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Add confidence to your smile

Teeth Veneers are a minimally invasive method of changing the cosmetic appearance of teeth by adding thin appliances made of composite or porcelain to the affected tooth’s surface. Most commonly used to improve the appearance of chipped, slightly misaligned, discolored, or undesirably shaped or sized teeth, veneers can also be used as a restorative treatment to protect teeth with thin or weak enamel or excessive gaps. Surface veneers add confidence to any smile.

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Veneers are recommended for individuals with:
Beautify your smile

Some individuals require a single veneer to repair a damaged tooth or as a protective cover to prevent further damage. Others prefer to have multiple teeth resurfaced with veneer covers to give their smile a more perfect look by adding symmetry and a more desirable shade to them. Cosmetic dentistry patients who have tried orthodontics to repair gaps between teeth often choose veneers as a convenient option when braces fail or when realignment is not feasible, will take too long, or will not repair the types of issues a patient has with his or her smile. Veneers can make teeth appear longer or wider, minimize gaps, whiten a smile, and improve overall confidence. No wonder so many appearance conscious individuals rely on veneers to help beautify their smile.

After a patient and his or her dentist have determined whether veneers are right for his or her situation and what can be an expected outcome, occasionally x-rays and a cast of the teeth is taken. After this initial visit, it is time to create the veneers. For the next visit, with very little anesthetic, or sometimes none, the tooth surface is prepared for the veneer process by removing a very thin layer of the tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers, like dentures or braces, require an impression of the patient’s teeth to make sure they will fit properly. Once the impression is ready, a dental technician in the Simplyteeth laboratory will sculpt the desired number of veneers out of a very thin layer of tooth colored material.

The patient will return after the veneers are manufactured. Fitting the veneer is next. After initial application, the veneers are customized and cured to the patient’s specifications and then bonded to the teeth with a special etching process and veneer cement. Finally, the dentist will set the bond, test the bite, clean up any excess bonding agent, and adjust the veneer as necessary. A follow up visit may be necessary to make sure the patient is adjusting to his or her veneers.

This procedure is often more cost-effective than bonding because they last longer, but the latter method might be more recommended depending on the patient’s preferences and needs. Most veneers will last 5-10 years or more depending on use, number, and composition.

veneers in essex

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