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InvisAlign – iTero 3D scanners in Essex

3D Dental Scans

Invisalign has developed iTero, a state-of-the-art innovation. If you’re looking to get braces or just avoid the outdated tooth impressions which have been known to cause gagging, our 3D scanner offers innovative solutions to each of our patients.

If you are suffering from crowded teeth, or are interested in braces, we can now show you exactly what your teeth will look like within seconds of scanning. Get results while you’re still in the dentist’s chair.

The 3D dental scans also allow 100% accurate patient records for the dental practitioner. It can also be used to send impressions to perform crown or bridge corrections, for a more comfortable and efficient way of diagnosing the condition of a patient’s teeth.

Invisalign- iTero 3D Scanners

iTero 3D Scanners in Essex

The Power in a Dental Scan

The detail on the iTero 3D dental scanner is unrivalled. It allows us to pick up gum position, tooth morphology, wear, position and decayed teeth. This information is vital in the process of offering the patient timely alleviated treatment or noticing problems before they begin to cause discomfort. This way, we can take pre-emptive action.

iTero 3D Scanners in Essex

At SimplyTeeth, we offer all our patients one free dental scan; when they revisit us, we can show them what has changed within unrivalled accuracy and can effectively treat them. By pinpointing issues such as tooth-wear, we can better make decisions to avoid future toothache or decay.


iTero 3D Scanners in Essex


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