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Why Teeth Whitening Can Only Be Carried Out By Dentists


Since October 2012 it has been illegal for anyone except dentists and dental technicians who are, registered with the GDC, to carry out teeth whitening treatments. Prior to this new legislation anybody was able to use teeth whitening products, that contained over 0.01% hydrogen peroxide, without being registered with the GDC. Teeth whitening treatments carried out in beauty salons would often lead to gum and tooth damage because the beautician lacked a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the mouth.

Thorough Check Up

Before teeth whitening treatment is carried out your dentist will give you a thorough check up to ascertain if your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening treatment. If you have gum disease, worn enamel, cavities and exposed roots you will not be able to receive teeth whitening treatment. If you have fillings, crowns and other restorations the result is likely to be uneven and tooth coloured fillings may have to be replaced. Your dentist will also discuss how effective the treatment is likely to be so that you are not disappointed when your teeth are not as white as you had hoped for.

Hydrogen Peroxide Legislation

Teeth whitening products that you can buy over the counter legally have to have less than 0.01% hydrogen peroxide, the concentration used by dentists is between 0.01% and 6 %. You can purchase the stronger teeth whitening products only when you have been examined by a dentist and it has been confirmed that your mouth is healthy enough for treatment. Your dentist will also have to prepare customised trays for you to use in order to apply the gel. The labelling of this treatment can be misleading because the percentages can be marked as 10% and 16% this is because only a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide is released.

If you are considering having teeth whitening treatment and want to avoid potential damage to your teeth and gums you should make an appointment with your dentist for a consultation and advice.

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