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Replenish Your Eyelashes With Latisse


Our eyelashes are tiny hairs on our eyelids that perform the function of preventing debris from entering our eyes. Eyelashes also play a major part in beauty regimes and often elaborate false eyelashes are used enhance appearance. If you have long thick eyelashes you can be guaranteed that people will mention them because they are an attractive feature to have. However if you have inadequate or missing eyelashes you will feel self conscious and will want to find ways to make them fuller again.

People lose eyelashes for a variety of reasons these include;

  • Eye infections – such as chronic blepharitis, which causes inflammation of the eyelid.
  • Dermatitis – causes the sufferer to rub the eye area due to constant itching.
  • Menopause – the reduction in estrogen causes hair loss on the scalp as well as eyelashes.
  • Alopecia – mainly associated with hair loss can also lead to eyelash loss.
  • Thyroid gland disorders – can affect hair follicles causing eye lashes to fall out.
  • Medication – can cause eyelashes to fall out particularly in the case of chemotherapy.
  • Burns – if you have suffered burns to your face it is likely that your eyelashes will have become singed.
  • Natural eyelash loss – as with all hair on our body eyelashes are also regularly shed.
  • Psychological conditions – Trichotillomania Tangle refers to a condition where the sufferer systematically pulls out hair from their body.

For whatever reason you have found yourself in the position of missing or inadequate eyelashes you will want to know solutions that are available. Many people use false eyelashes particularly if the chances of regrowing eyelashes have been burnt away. If you do have the potential of regrowing your eyebrows back again you may want to consider treatments such as Latisse which is proven to show regrowth in as little as four weeks.

Latisse is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate or missing eyelashes. The active ingredient bimatoprost encourages thicker and fuller lashes to grow. Amazingly the formula for the Latisse treatment was discovered purely by accident by people who needed to take Allergan eyedrops. Patients found that their eyelashes started to get thicker and longer after treatment.

If you are concerned about your eyelashes and would like us to determine whether you have inadequate eyelashes please contact us here to make an appointment.


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