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How Tooth Coloured Fillings Keep Your Smile Brighter


Tooth coloured fillings are a great way of disguising the fact that you have got a mouth full of fillings. Tooth coloured fillings work in exactly the same way as amalgam fillings and were once considered to be a less permanent solution. Advances in dental technology has resulted in tooth coloured fillings being as long lasting as amalgam fillings. In this world of social media and selfies people are opting for tooth coloured fillings because they look natural and aesthetically pleasing. Although you can replace all of your existing fillings with tooth coloured fillings it is advisable to replace them when your dentist advises you.

What Are Tooth Coloured Fillings Made From?

There are two types of tooth coloured fillings available; glass ionomer and composite, both are made from minute glass particles but are applied in different ways.

Glass Ionomer Fillings are generally used with baby teeth and the sides of teeth. The process involves a chemical reaction with teeth causing it to bond with the surface of the tooth. This type of tooth coloured filling is very brittle and is not hard wearing.

Composite Fillings are again composed of powdered glass and ceramic and added to a resin base. This type of tooth coloured filling is more robust than glass ionomer fillings but not as strong as amalgam fillings. Generally this type of filling is used on front teeth where there is less likely to be chewing and grinding.

Can You Decide If You have Tooth Coloured Fillings?

If your dentist suggests to you that you can have a tooth coloured filling on your tooth you can decide whether to opt for a tooth coloured filling or an amalgam filling. Generally people choose which type of filling they would like based on financial and practical reasons.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of having tooth coloured fillings please contact us here to make an appointment.

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