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What Are Veneers?

Do you want to mask teeth discolouration or brighten teeth and improve smile? Veneers can give your teeth the perfection you want to achieve.

Veneers are ultra-thin shells of tooth-coloured ceramic materials designed to cover the front surface of your teeth to improve its appearance. It can provide your teeth with the resilience and strength compared to the natural tooth enamel.

Why have veneers?

The first thing people notice about a person is their smile. Imperfections like discoloured, worn down, broken or misaligned teeth detract from the aesthetics of a beautiful face. Aesthetics are more highly regarded in our modern-day society than ever before.

We live in a world where in some industries, how you look can makle all the difference between getting that coveted career position, in your private life, it can determine whether you get a second date with the woman or man of your dreams. There is a plethora of entertainment industry celebrities who have had the help of veneers in achieving those perfect smiles you see in film and TV.

Veneers in EssexDo you have discoloured teeth?

Discoloured teeth can occur for many reasons, but a major cause is from drinking coffee, tea, cola and wine. Drinks with refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup contribute to staining of the enamel and tooth decay. Sweets and certain other foods can also cause discolouration that can be very hard to rectify. This is when veneers in Essex can help!

Worn down teeth

Grinding or clenching your teeth consciously or unconsciously wears down teeth over time. Long-term grinding can cause cracks in teeth that may not be obvious at first glance. Grinding of teeth can lead to headaches, jaw injury and muscle pain — all of which could be a thing of the past at Simply Teeth by choosing our veneers in Essex.

Do you suffer with a gappy smile?

Most people who have gaps in their smiles are reserved when it comes to flashing their finest grin for photo opportunities. The best way to fix the space in between your front teeth is to choose porcelain veneers in Essex to revive your pearly whites!

Are veneers in Essex good for rectifying the look of misaligned teeth?

The clinical name for misaligned teeth is occlusion. Ideally, the upper and lower teeth should always fit together to form a perfect bite. For the aesthetic Hollywood smile that so many of our patients crave, the upper teeth should fit slightly over the lower teeth. Impacted teeth, overcrowding and missing teeth are all factors that contribute to misaligned teeth.

Give Simply Teeth a call today and start your journey to your dream smile with veneers in Essex.

The veneer application process

If you feel that porcelain veneers in Essex could the right choice for you, you’ll need only two appointments with your dentist at Simply Teeth.

During the first appointment, our professional and dedicated dentists will work out a diagnosis and treatment plan. They will diagnose and repair any existing dental issues, such as cavities before the application of your new veneers.

At this point, they will also discuss what your expectations are in terms of shape and colour of your resulting new smile.

Veneers in EssexYou and your dentist at Simply Teeth will also decide how many teeth will have veneers applied (some people choose just the front visible teeth, while others may choose a full arch).

What next?

After this in-depth and precise planning, you will have your x-rays taken to determine the overall health of your teeth and jaw.

After this you will have models or impressions made of your mouth and teeth as a blueprint for where your veneers in Essex will be placed. Your teeth will then be prepared to receive your new veneers.

How will they be fitted?

Your dentist will remove the outer half millimetre or so from the surface of each tooth that will be receiving a veneer.

After this point, another set of models or impressions will be made that will be sent to our lab for creation of the veneers. This will usually take between one and two weeks.

Once your dentist receives the veneers from the lab, you’ll have another appointment where the veneers will be placed over your teeth to ensure the correct fit and colour for you. Once the fit is perfect, your teeth will be cleaned and etched.

Then the veneers will be placed over your teeth. Your dentist may need to perform additional adjustments to ensure perfect placement, then the final bonding process will occur. This will permanently bond your veneers in Essex to the teeth.

Finally, your dentist will remove any excess cement and check your bite to ensure you will not have any problems chewing. Otherwise, you are now the proud new owner of a beautiful perfect smile!

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers in Essex are cosmetic tooth ‘covers’, made of tooth-coloured porcelain, that are applied to the outer surface of the tooth. Veneers at Simply Teeth are custom-made to fit over existing teeth to completely cover the teeth and change their appearance significantly.

Veneers can also be made a dental resin composite material. Our dentists will generally recommend porcelain because it is more stain resistant, more durable and has a more natural appearance. Additionally, porcelain veneers can last up to ten years.

Porcelain Veneers in LiverpoolBenefits of porcelain veneers

Our patients choose porcelain veneers in Essex for several reasons. Tooth discoloration is generally a predominant factor. Yellow or stained teeth can not only be unhealthy, but also be visually unappealing to many people.

A lot of our patients also choose veneers in Essex to create a more uniform shape to their teeth, enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the teeth.

Let’s face it, when we look at magazines or watch TV, rarely do we see models or actors with imperfect teeth. It’s likely that most of these smiles are the work of an excellent dentist. That’s not to say that some people aren’t simply born with a beautiful smile, but rather to say that sometimes to achieve such a perfect smile, porcelain veneers may be a helpful option.

That sounds expensive!

Porcelain veneers in Essex at Simply Teeth should be considered an investment. Cost is based on several factors including the experience of our dentists, the quality of the materials we use and the number of veneers you want.

To help spread this cost we are happy to offer our patients finance options to help spread the cost over a manageable period. With prices starting at just £600, your veneers in Essex could be more achievable than ever before.

Are there any disadvantages?

While the advantages of porcelain veneers are obvious (beautiful perfect teeth that will last many years), there are several disadvantages that should be considered as well.

Veneers can’t be ‘undone’. Once the process is started, there’s no going back as your teeth have to have a thin layer of enamel removed when the veneer is fitted. Some patients may also experience sensitivity to hot and cold due to the removal of some of the tooth enamel.

Is there an alternative to traditional braces?

Here at Simply Teeth in Essex, braces are changing. We are proud to introduce the Inman Aligner to our procedure options. The Inman Aligner is an alternative to modern invisible braces in Essex.

The Inman Aligner will allow you to achieve great results using just one appliance. It has been specifically designed to give you a wonderful smile with less hassle and expense in a shorter period, when compared to traditional fixed metal braces.

It can also be removed and inserted as a retainer, making huge improvements to your dental health when compared to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Braces in EssexAs you get older, your teeth may tend to shift sometimes, which can cause your front top and bottom teeth to become crooked. At first glance, you must think you need fixed metal braces however, with the patented Inman Aligner your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position quickly and effectively in just a matter of weeks, not the years that may brace wearers may have experienced in the past.

This can occasionally happen to adults who have had braces when they were younger. The most common result is some overcrowding or rotations of front teeth.

Can the Inman Aligner be compared to Invisalign?

Invisalign braces in Essex are made of a specialised plastic, thus the forces are low and the treatment times can be a bit longer. The Inman Aligner incorporates tiny nickel titanium springs that can maintain a higher constant tension. The Inman Aligner is used mainly for treating front teeth only and may not suitable for all our patients. The treatment time with the Inman Aligner is usually faster than clear braces, so could provide a viable alternative to other modern braces in Essex.

Will it be painful?

Due to the gentle but steady forces generated, the Inman Aligner can be easily tolerated in your mouth. We sometimes recommend that patients take some mild pain killers for the first few days while you adjust.

Will the Inman Aligner affect my speech?

The Inman Aligner will affect your speech for a week or two. You will however adjust to the appliance over time and be able to speak normally with them in place.

Tooth and nail

A lot of women think that nail extensions are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they could be right. After all, nail extensions can transform a woman’s ragged, worn, weak nails into things of beauty and great art. Here at Simply Teeth, we also like nail extensions, but we think that, in Essex, veneers are by far the superior invention.

In Essex, veneers do a similar job to nail extensions, only for your teeth rather than your hands.

Veneers in EssexWhat are veneers?

Veneers are tiny porcelain sheaths that fit over the fronts of your teeth.

Each veneer is custom-made from impressions of your current teeth by highly-trained technicians. These cover-ups are made from special porcelain that is colour-matched to your teeth, and then sized and shaped to blend in with your natural teeth, or to create a whole new look for all your teeth.

Although the porcelain from which the veneers are made is very thin, it is also highly durable. If treated with care, veneers can be expected to last for at least 10 years.

What are veneers good for?

Veneers are great for covering up mild imperfections, such as staining that teeth whitening can’t remove, cracks, and chips. They are also good for masking imperfections such as mild misalignments, or gaps between teeth. If your teeth are too small, a whole set of veneers can be made to make them look bigger.

What’s the process of getting fitted with veneers?

Getting veneers in Essex usually takes 2 appointments. During the first one your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and these are sent away to a lab, along with specifications as to the colour and size of your veneers, where a technician will create your cover-ups.

At your next appointment, your Simply Teeth dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from the teeth you are having veneered. This does not hurt, and it is done so that there is something for your veneers to bond to, and also so that they lie flush with your natural teeth. Finally, the veneers are cemented on with a special dental adhesive.

Give yourself a smile upgrade

Isn’t it great to be alive in a time, when, if your teeth don’t quite cut it in the looks department, you can get them transformed into something beautiful to behold.

veneers-in-essexBefore the last few decades, if your teeth weren’t great, you just had to put up with what you had, and keep them as clean as you could. Now though, if you don’t like what you’ve got, or you did, but it got damaged, you can cover over your imperfections with veneers in Essex at Simply Teeth.

What are they?

Veneers are tiny porcelain sheaths that fit over the fronts of your natural teeth. They are custom-made to your requirements. If you are having just 1 or 2 teeth covered, they can be made to match the shape, size and colour of the rest of your teeth. Or, if you are having veneers to correct something like gappy teeth, which involves all your teeth, you may choose a larger size, or a different shape. Whatever your needs are, your dentist at Simply Teeth will be happy to talk them through with you and help you make the right choices.

Your journey

In Essex, veneers are an increasingly popular choice of cosmetic dentistry treatment because they only require 2 appointments with your dentist at Simply Teeth.

During the first appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth and colour match the porcelain to the finished look you require. If you are having veneers as part of a smile makeover, you may want to choose a shade lighter than the one your teeth are now, and then have teeth whitening before the veneers are fitted.

The veneers are handmade over the next couple of weeks and are cemented to the fronts of your teeth during your second appointment. This involves the removal of a thin layer of enamel so that the adhesive has something rough to stick to, and also to make sure the veneers lie flush with your other teeth.

To find out more about veneers in Essex, why not give our friendly reception team a call? We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Brighter and better

One of the great things about modern dentistry at Simply Teeth is the variety of ways that we can make your smile look its best. When you come to us for your dental appointments we not only make sure that your teeth, gums and mouth are in optimum health, but we can also offer suggestions as to ways in which you can tweak your teeth and gums so that they create a harmonious whole that will make you want to smile and make the world want to smile with you.

Dental Veneers in EssexAt Simply Teeth in Essex, veneers are one option that can make a dramatic enhancement to your look, or a subtle one, depending on what you want. And it can happen quickly and with very little discomfort. It may be that you have 1 or 2 teeth that are mildly twisted or not quite in line with the rest of your teeth. It is hardly worth going through months of braces treatment to correct such tiny misalignments, when you can get them hidden behind veneers in a matter of a couple of weeks.

First things first

If you choose to have veneers in Essex as part of a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments, then it is very important to think about the order in which you have things done. This is because you need to choose the colour of the veneers and once you have chosen it and had your veneers fitted, you cannot change the colour with teeth whitening treatments.

Veneers are made from incredibly durable porcelain that will last for over 10 years if you treat your veneers with respect and don’t go doing things like trying to open twist caps on bottles with your teeth. However, the nature of porcelain is different from that of natural tooth enamel. It is not porous in the same way and it cannot change colour when whitening gel is applied.

So, if you are thinking of having veneers in Essex as part of a smile makeover that includes whitening, you need to have the whitening first and then choose the veneer colour to match your newly whitened teeth.

Whiter and neater

As a person considering veneers in Essex, you probably have 1 or 2 of the main motivations for seeking this treatment. Perhaps you want to improve the appearance of a tooth you don’t like the look of. If a tooth is chipped or slightly misaligned, it can become an unwanted eye-catching feature in photos of nights out or special occasions. There might be discolouration on the surface of the teeth, making them yellow or brown where you’d rather they were white and clean. Or maybe your teeth are inconsistent in length, with a higgledy piggledy image that you’d like to change.

Dental Veneers in EssexDefence

A third reason for getting veneers might be that you want to protect your teeth as well as improve their appearance. At our friendly practice in Essex, veneers can be fitted to several teeth, to prevent any further damage, if the enamel of your teeth is thin or weak.

What exactly are they?

A veneer is a thin and strong shell, usually made of porcelain, or a composite material. Its shape is carefully optimised to your precise requirements. They can be custom-made according to the size, shape, and colour that would best enhance your smile. Teeth that look brighter, longer, or smoother are all possible with veneers. They are securely bonded to the surface of your tooth and can last from 5 to 10 years.

How are they applied?

Before applying your veneers in Essex, our dental professionals carry out a detailed assessment of your teeth. Your veneers are then crafted and attached to your teeth with a secure adhesive. Then there’s another quick test of your bite, for the dentist to check if any finishing touches need to be made.

Bright changes

After your veneers are in place, you’ll immediately notice that your smile is brighter and neater. Your veneers will enhance your smile, boost your confidence, and help you to enjoy socialising without worrying about the appearance of your teeth. Whether you have just one tooth that needs attention, or a whole set that could do with a makeover, Simply Teeth offer veneers as an effective solution that avoids the potential bother of a more complex procedure.

Simple enhancements

Veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth. It might be that you have one or two chipped teeth, or some slight misalignment. There might be a thin gap that you’d like to close, or some discolouration you’d like to correct. In Essex, veneers are a simple way to treat these problems without the involved process of a major procedure. At Simply Teeth, our friendly dental professionals will explain to you what this involves.

Veneers in EssexDiscreet attachments

A veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain or composite material, which is securely bonded to the surface of the tooth. Its size and shape can be adjusted to meet your particular requirements. It’s similar in principle to a false fingernail, but much more durable.

For your teeth only

Your treatment begins with a consultation at our practice in Essex. Veneers are sculpted to your precise requirements by our dental technician after a detailed oral examinations by our dentist. The veneer is applied to your teeth using a special adhesive. To make sure it is completely secure, our dentist will then test your bite and make any necessary adjustments. Once it’s set, you’ll notice an instant improvement in the appearance of your smile.


At Simply Teeth in Essex, veneers can also be placed on multiple teeth. They can function as a protective layer to prevent further damage to any teeth that have been chipped. We can even fit you with a whole set of veneers, a smile makeover, that will be a thoroughly positive change to the look of your teeth.

Time for change

Typically, veneers last between 5 to 10 years, providing you with a reassuring boost to your dental image that will also defend your teeth against mishaps. They are a natural looking solution that people choose for a range of reasons. If you think they might be the enhancement you want, contact us today and we’ll get you on your way to a brand new smile. Whatever your reasons are, your veneers will provide some welcome extra protection while they restore brightness to your smile.

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