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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Oral Hygiene And Maintenance

Dental implants are a more comfortable alternative to dentures.  They look and feel like genuine teeth and don’t affect speaking or eating in the same way dentures do.  Implants are particularly useful if only one tooth needs replacing. It is a surgical procedure and is only possible if you have healthy gums and jaw bone.  Sometimes a bone graft is necessary in order to install dental implants. (more…)

I want a more beautiful smile

With dental implants in Essex, you must understand that implants are a substitute for your natural teeth, not a direct replacement and they cannot replicate them exactly. Your teeth are precious and given to you once in your life and you can never have another set like them.

dental-implants-in-essexIt is fair to say that dental implants in Essex will replicate and resemble natural teeth as much as possible. There are constraints that your mouth, anatomy, available bone, personal time and costs will place on your replacement teeth. Sometimes, it is not possible to give you a set of artificial teeth to perfectly match the natural teeth that you used to have. However, it is it possible to have a set of implanted teeth that function well, as well as looking and feeling good.

Do dental implants hurt?

Dental implants in Essex, can be done painlessly and without anxiety. You should allow for some post-operative discomfort which can be successfully controlled with simple over-the-counter medication.

All necessary aftercare advice and instructions will be given to you before and after any procedures here at Simply Teeth in Essex. It is usually recommended to allow some change to your daily routine and consider some time off work and an opportunity to rest. Everybody is different in their response to dental implant surgery. Your post-operative care will be tailored to your personal needs by our experienced dentists.

Do they take a long time?

To see if dental implants in Essex are for you, an assessment appointment is required. This is when x-rays will be taken and you will get the chance to ask any questions you have about the procedure. The implant placement procedure is completed under local anesthetic. After a period of healing the implant is left in place under the gum for around three to six months, to allow it to fuse to the bone. The next stage involves uncovering the top of the implant and taking a mould of your teeth, so that the new crown or bridge work can be made. This is usually fitted around two weeks later. Your dentist will then advise you on how to take care of your implants so that they will last many years.

What are dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, wear dentures or are about to lose your teeth then dental implants in Essex could provide an excellent alternative, as well as a highly effective treatment.

dental-implants-in-essexLosing your teeth can make you feel extremely self-conscious and negatively effect your self-esteem. With dental implants in Essex, not only will your teeth look as good as new again but the effect it will have on your own self-confidence and self-esteem can be incredibly positive. A dental implant is an artificial ‘root’ that is typically made of titanium.

It is placed directly into the jawbone, to support a replacement tooth or teeth in the form of a crown, for a single tooth or a bridge for multiple teeth and implants. Several missing teeth can be restored with dental implants, providing a highly predictable restoration, which will not only preserve the teeth but will also strengthen the jawbone. Dental implants in Essex, will look and feel completely natural and they become difficult to tell apart from natural teeth.

Dental implant aftercare

Scientific tests have shown that dental implants have a survival rate of up to 98%. However, an individual’s success rate is greatly influenced by their lifestyle and their oral hygiene routine.

At Simply Teeth in Essex, we will advise you about post-treatment check-ups to avoid infections and to ensure the lasting success of your dental implants in Essex. You will need to visit our dental practice regularly, at intervals of three to six months.

At these visits, your implants, teeth and gums will be checked and professionally cleaned, especially in areas which you cannot reach with your own home cleaning.

Professional cleaning of dental implants is more complex than cleaning natural teeth, which means that it may take longer. We recommend you brush your teeth carefully after every meal and before bed, using an ultra-soft toothbrush that you replace regularly.

We advise our dental implant patients to use antibacterial toothpaste that can help kill plaque bacteria for longer periods. Clinical research shows that antibacterial toothpaste has a positive effect on dental implant success rates.

Why you should consider dental implants

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants can be an excellent way to restore your smile. As an alternative to fixed bridges and dentures, dental implant treatment involves fitting a titanium post into the area that your missing tooth used to occupy. The implant acts as a bionic tooth root and will anchor your replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or a whole set of teeth and if maintained correctly they can last a lifetime.

dental-implants-in-essexDental implants in Essex with Simply Teeth dental clinic

Dental implants are one of the most convenient and natural looking ways to replace missing teeth. Simply teeth dental clinic recommend their dental implants in Essex to patients who want to regain the smile they once had. The main benefits of dental implants include:

  • They can be used to replace any amount of missing teeth
  • They can help to prevent bone loss and retain facial structure
  • They work just like natural teeth
  • They look just like natural teeth
  • Easy maintenance
  • Regained confidence and self esteem.

The dental implant process

An initial consultation with a dentist will determine your suitability to receive dental implants. There are a number of factors that will decide the amount of time it will take to fully complete the implant procedure, including: your current dental health; the amount of teeth that need replacing; the location of teeth that need replacing; and, if any tooth extractions need to happen prior to receiving implant treatment. Once a treatment plan has been set by the dentist, the dental implant process can begin. The titanium post is fixed into the jaw and allowed to integrate for a number of months before a crown, bridge or denture is added to form a new working tooth. Pain following implant surgery is minimal and can usually be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. Infection is unlikely as there are no open wounds after the implant has been fitted.

To find out more about dental implants in Essex or alternative options that are available to replace missing teeth, please contact Simply Teeth dental clinic.

An alternative solution

Dental implants are changing the lives of people who have missing teeth. They’re designed to act as a strong foundation for replacement teeth and they look, function and feel just like natural teeth. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed into the gap of the missing tooth and are fixed directly into the jawbone. The implants are substitute tooth roots and act as anchors for artificial replacement teeth, made from bridges crowns or dentures.

dental-implants-essexRetain your youth with dental Implants in Essex

One of the great things about dental implants is that they help to retain facial structure. When teeth are lost, the bone that previously held them in place begins to reduce. This means that sometimes there is not enough bone remaining to be able to support the face effectively. The consequence of this is that cheeks can appear sunken into the face, causing a premature ageing appearance. Essex dental implants prevent this from happening, as they help the bone to stay active, this prevents the bone from receding and it can continue to effectively support the facial structure.

Implant supported dentures

Although dental implants can greatly benefit those who have one or a few missing teeth, Simply Teeth can provide dental implants in Essex to people who need most or all of their teeth replacing. Many people have dentures that are ill-fitting, causing them to slip around in the mouth and sometimes even fall out of the mouth. Dental implants can help denture wearers as they fix the dentures in place, preventing them from becoming loose. Implant retained dentures can be removed by the patient for cleaning purposes, however they do not need to be taken out when sleeping. People who wear dentures sometimes complain about not being able to taste their food properly. This is not the case with implant retained dentures as the implants are placed into the patient’s gum, ensuring there is no barrier and allowing the wearer to experience the full flavour of their food.

If you’re interested in implant retained dentures or dental implants in Essex, please make an appointment at Simply Teeth dental clinic.

Are dental implants the perfect solution to tooth loss?

Dental implants are the only permanent way that a dentist can replace your missing teeth, restoring both natural action and appearance to your jaw. At Simply Teeth in Essex we believe that in the vast majority of cases they are the ideal solution to tooth loss.

dental-implants-essexEvery dentist will agree that missing teeth need to be replaced one way or another. At our Essex dental practice we offer standard dentures and dental bridges for tooth replacement, but for a long-term and functional solution, we recommend the use of dental implants.

Essex dental implants

The skilled implantology team at Simply Teeth in Essex can use dental implants to replace anything from one to all of your teeth. Implants are bionic tooth roots that are made out of titanium and are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone, which can be carried out under either local anaesthetic, depending on what your preferences are.

Once your dental implants have been placed, the process of osseointegration begins. This involves the growth of new bone and blood vessels around your implants – titanium is osteoconductive, meaning that it supports bone growth – and takes an average of six months to complete.

Your Essex dentist may fit temporary teeth during the integration period, or if you currently wear traditional dentures you can usually continue to use them after they have been adjusted to take into account your healing dental implants.

At the end of the healing and integration stage of treatment, you will be called back to Simply Teeth in Essex so that your dentist can attach your permanent new teeth.

Benefits of implant treatment

Because they are in direct contact with your jaw bone and are supportive of bone growth, dental implants prevent the issue of bone loss, which is common in patients who wear traditional dentures. It is this loss of bone that makes dentures lose their snug fit; implants will prevent this and with it all the common denture problems, such as. . .

  • Denture sore mouth
  • A diet restricted to soft foods or liquids
  • Issues with speaking clearly
  • Confidence issues caused by slipping dentures

Why choosing dental implants will benefit your long-term health

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. At Simply Teeth dental clinic in Essex we believe that they are, more often than not, the best way to replace any natural teeth you have lost – benefitting both your oral and general health for the long-term.

dental-implants-essexThere are numerous advantages to dental implants when compared with traditional dental bridges or dentures. Whilst a standard bridge takes its support from surrounding teeth, requiring them to be healthy, strong, and free from large fillings yet paradoxically often necessitating the destruction of healthy tooth structure in order for crowns to be placed, implant-retained bridges take all their support from your dental implants.

In addition, an implant-retained bridge can contain a lot more teeth than a standard dental bridge. In some cases, a series of dental implants and a bridge can restore a full arch of teeth as an alternative to dentures.

Dental implants can also be used to support or stabilise dentures, making them function a lot more like natural teeth and also preventing the problem of bone loss, which makes your dentures lose their snug fit over time.

Essex dental implants

At Simply Teeth in Essex our skilled implant dentist can use dental implants to replace anything from one to all of your teeth. Implants are artificial tooth roots, placed in direct contact with your jaw bone. As soon as they are in position they begin to integrate with the bone, providing an anchor that is akin to that of a natural root on to which your new tooth or teeth will be attached.

Implants can be restored with a single crown, a bridge, or a denture. The restorations created at our Essex dental clinic will look and act so much like natural teeth that only you will know they aren’t the genuine article.

Having strong and secure teeth is vital to your general health and well being. Dental implants will enable you to eat a full, healthy diet and so maintain good nutrition throughout life, which is very important to preserving your health.

The strength of your jaw bone is also preserved, preventing a prematurely aged look.

How dental implants can benefit your smile, and your life

Dental implants are one of the most exciting innovations in the modern dental world. At Simply Teeth in Essex we believe that they are, in most cases, the best solution of tooth loss.

dental-implants-essexAll dentists agree that missing teeth should always be replaced, for the sake of your oral and general health. Even one lost tooth puts extra strain on your remaining teeth, which can shift into any gaps and become more difficult to clean in the process – ultimately risking further tooth loss.

When one missing tooth becomes several missing teeth, your diet, speech, and self-esteem will all start to suffer, and your jaw bone will start to resorb or shrink back.

By visiting our Essex dental practice for a consultation about dental implants, you can resolve all of these problems. Sometimes it is even possible for your dentist to place an implant straight into the socket immediately after extracting a failing tooth.

The majority of patients at our Essex dental practice only need local anaesthetic for the placement of dental implants, which is generally considered more bearable than having a tooth taken out.

Once your dental implants are in position, a process called osseointegration immediately commences. This sees your implants mesh strongly with your jaw bone, as bone tissue grows up around and over the surface of your implants. Over a period of a few months, this will create a bond that is as strong as a natural tooth root.

Your dental implants can be combined with crowns, bridges, or dentures to restore a natural action and appearance to your mouth. Temporary teeth may be fitted during the healing period, or you may be able to continue your old dentures, once your Essex dentist has adjusted them.

With teeth supported by dental implants, you will be able to:

  • Eat anything you like, including the occasional treat
  • Speak clearly
  • Get on with enjoying your life without fear of slipping dentures spoiling the moment

Just like natural teeth, dental implants and the new teeth attached to them require good dental hygiene, and regular follow-up appointments at our Essex clinic.

How dental implants can give you back your smile, and more

By using dental implants, a dentist can replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth. Simply Teeth in Essex offers a number of implant-based solutions to tooth loss, from a simple single implant and crown placement to a more complex full-mouth restoration using dentures or a dental bridge.

Dental implants are the only way that a dentist can replace the root portions of lost teeth. Tooth roots aren’t just essential for keeping your teeth in your mouth, they also help to preserve the health and strength of your jaw bone, which can suffer when several teeth are missing.

dental-implants-essexHow dental implant treatment works

Dental implants are made from titanium, and are placed directly in contact with your jaw bone during minor oral surgery, which can be carried out under local anaesthetic or dental sedation at our Essex clinic.

Once the dental implants are in place, a process known as osseointegration begins, which sees the implants mesh with the jaw bone, creating a strength similar to that of natural tooth roots. When healing is complete, a permanent bridge, crown, or denture will be attached to abutments on top of your implants.

Some patients at Simply Teeth Essex who require full arch (jaw) restoration, for example to end problems with loose-fitting traditional dentures, are suitable for a procedure called All-on-4. This sees four dental implants being placed in the jaw, and immediately loaded with functional teeth. This may be your modified existing denture, or a new one.

After approximately six months you will be called back to our Essex dental practice to have your permanent new teeth fitted. All-on-4 is a good option for patients who have already experienced some bone loss, because it utilises the bone you do have.

In other cases, it is best to leave the dental implants to heal for a few months. Your Essex implant dentist may fit temporary teeth during this time.

Once your dental implants have healed and been restored with permanent new teeth, you will be able to eat what you like, speak and smile with confidence – and no fear of your teeth slipping.

Dental implants: your guide to permanent tooth replacement

When you choose dental implants, you choose so much more than just a pretty smile. Simply Teeth in Essex offers dental implant-based treatments designed to replace anything from one to all of your natural teeth, providing the most realistic option in terms of action as well as appearance.

dental-implants-essexWhatever way you choose to do it, missing teeth should always be replaced – ideally as soon after tooth loss as possible. Losing even one tooth means extra strain is instantly put on your other teeth, which may also move into any gaps, becoming harder to clean in the process. When several or all your teeth are missing, your diet will suffer, not to mention your self-image and confidence.

At Simply Teeth in Essex we think dental implants are, in most cases, the ideal solution to tooth loss. They are the only way a dentist can replace the root portions of missing teeth – which is important to keeping your jaw bone healthy and strong as well as to keeping your teeth in your mouth – and the only permanent tooth replacement option.

Dental implants can be placed under local anaesthetic or dental sedation at our Essex clinic. Although this involves oral surgery, it is fairly simple from a patient’s point of view, because your implant dentist undertakes a great deal of planning prior to placement to ensure your dental implants are in the best possible place to withstand the forces generated by biting and chewing food.

Sometimes, in cases where dental implants are being combined with dentures, a procedure called All-on-4 is possible. This sees your Essex implant dentist place just four implants, then attach either your modified existing denture or a temporary new denture on top, so that you can start using your new teeth immediately. After six months a permanent denture is fitted.

All-on-4 is not suitable for every denture case; your suitability will be discussed by your dentist when you come to our Essex clinic for a consultation. This technique can be effective for patients with low bone density, because it makes the most of the jaw bone you do have, without the need for a bone graft.

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