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When Does Bruxism Occur?

Bruxism is the name given to teeth grinding. It isn’t necessarily obvious as it occurs more frequently when you are not fully aware of what you are doing. This is when you are asleep, concentrating hard on a specific task and when under stress.

It is linked to a variety of other factors, which include:

  • the side effects of anti-depressants, such as paroxetine, sertraline and fluoxetine;
  • snoring or another sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA);
  • talking or mumbling when sleeping;
  • behaving in a violent manner while asleep, like kicking or punching;
  • being a victim of sleep paralysis when for a short time you are unable to speak or move;
  • experiencing hallucinations while partly conscious;
  • drinking alcohol;
  • persistent smoking;
  • using ecstasy or cocaine;
  • drinking large amounts of tea or coffee every day.

There is no easy solution to stopping bruxism because you aren’t necessarily aware that you are doing it. You may discover you grind your teeth when you begin to experience unexplained pain in your face or frequent headaches. Other symptoms may become apparent, such as teeth wearing down, ear ache and if the bruxism is quite severe it may cause stiffness and pain in the temporomandibular joint which is the jaw joint and its surrounding muscles.

If bruxism is left untreated you could end up with temporomandibular disorder (TMD). If you are sharing your life with a partner s/he will be disturbed when sleeping by the grinding noise that is evident. However polite that person is once sleep deprivation is experienced it won’t be long before you find out that you are grinding your teeth.

What you should do if you suspect you have bruxism?

If the evidence is there, you should see your dentist as soon as you can. The dentist will examine your teeth and jaw area and will be able to tell if you grind them. Treatment for this affliction will be suggested by your dentist. If you leave it untreated you could end up with more teeth problems occurring such as a painful dental abscess. Teeth grinding may also affect your children, particularly after their baby teeth or adult teeth first appear. Fortunately, the habit usually comes to an end once the adult teeth have fully erupted.

There are several ways a dentist can help prevent bruxism. If the reason for it is stress a visit to your GP may be of some help as he or she will have more knowledge of advising you on how to control your stress levels.

How can your dentist help solve bruxism?

There are two main treatment options available for alleviating bruxism:

  • using a custom-fitted mouth guard or splint as this helps to reduce the impact of teeth grinding such as noise, pain and further tooth wear;
  • muscle relaxation exercises.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is also a proven technique to cure Teeth Grinding, and is offered by Simply Teeth practices. Click here.

If you ignore the symptoms your relationship may suffer and you may need more dental treatment at a later date when more damage has been done. It’s best to arrange an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible so that the right treatment options can be discussed.

Why You Should Avoid Botox Parties


If you are looking into trying Botox treatment you may already have come across, ‘Johnny Botox’, during your internet searches. Jonny Botox has been outed by the BBC as a disgraced nurse who has been struck off the nurses register and is not qualified to either prescribe or administer Botox. He is not the only unqualified person who has been treating people under false pretences, a, ‘bogus’, nurse in Liverpool did exactly the same thing. We all like a bargain and it is tempting to go to the cheapest place to get treatment, but are you willing to risk your appearance and health to save a small amount of money?

Medical Not Beauty Treatment

When it comes to medical procedures that are also beauty treatments the importance of qualifications and experience seem to diminish. The same issue occured with tooth whitening treatment Administering botox treatment is not just about sticking a syringe into someone’s wrinkles and getting paid for it. First of all Botox is only available on prescription so where do unregistered people source theirs? Also having knowledge of how muscles work and are connected together ensures that the Botox can be administered correctly.

What’s Your Poison?


Botox is intended to enhance your looks not change them completely. Going to a registered clinic becomes much more appealing when you realise that the main ingredient of Botox is derived from the bacteria in botulism, which is food poisoning. It seems really strange that people who are so conscious of their looks, that they can’t always go out without makeup on, are prepared to risk disfigurement for the sake of a month’s worth of wine.

Qualified Botox Practitioner


A qualified and registered practitioner will have medical knowledge and will tend to make decisions about your treatment based on your health as well as appearance. It is advised that you don’t start having Botox treatment too young because many wrinkles are due to facial expression rather than aging skin. Botox treatment should be subtle and not leave you looking like your face has been frozen in a wind tunnel.

If you are considering having Botox treatment please get in touch and we will be able to arrange an appointment to discuss all of your treatment options. If you do decide to have treatment you can hold your own party where you glow with the secret of younger looking skin.

Grow Old Disgracefully With Botox

These days nobody seems to have grey hair or wrinkles, only a few decades ago our grandparents had to accept all of the transformations involved in ageing. Growing old gracefully was what was expected and the older generation even seemed to buy clothes designed specifically for the middle aged. Advances in beauty treatment such as Botox and hair dye means that you have a fighting chance of being able to look younger for longer. The disgraceful bit comes in when determining if the clothes you are wearing are appropriate, however if you plan to grow old disgracefully the more outlandish the better.

How Does Botox Banish Wrinkles?

First of all wrinkles are caused by the contraction of muscles Botox simple blocks the messages between nerves and muscles causing the muscle to relax. People mainly have Botox treatment on their foreheads, crows feet and frown lines. Botox is also used to relieve back pain and headaches due to its relaxing effect on the muscles. Botox is derived from the bacteria botulism, which is a form of food poisoning and one of the worst side effects is paralysis. Scientists realised that in very small diluted doses Botox could be used to treat wrinkles and its impact on the beauty industry has been phenomenal.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Have Botox?

There is no legal limit but doctors advise waiting until after you are thirty to have the procedure. Botox is a temporary solution to smoothing wrinkles and the procedure will have to be repeated every few months, depending on how quickly it is absorbed into the system. If you believe that Botox is the solution to your wrinkles then you will need to make sure that you can afford to keep going for treatment or you will be back to square one feeling disappointed that you are no longer wrinkle free.

Choose Your Botox Clinic Wisely

It goes without saying that you need to choose where you go to have your Botox injections wisely because you don’t want to suffer a botch job that will result in you wearing a balaclava for a few months. If you don’t want to have a shocked expression and just want to look natural you need to find out from friends who they go to and look around clinics to help make your decision.

If you live in the Essex and Hertfordshire areas and would be interested in finding out more about Botox contact us and you are interested in maintaining your youthful looks contact us here and we would be happy to discuss your options.

If you are interested in discussing Botox in the context of pain treatment we would also be happy to give you advice.


How Botox Can Relieve Pain


Often when we hear the word, Botox, we immediately think of cosmetic procedures and wrinkle treatment. Studies have shown that in some patients can really benefit from the pain relieving qualities of Botox. Botox is known to relieve chronic pain such as arthritis, nerve damage, back pain and headaches. Generally Botox as pain treatment is suitable for most patients and should be administered by a doctor who is knowledgeable about pain relief. Before you receive any treatment for your pain you will have an in depth consultation with a practitioner to discuss the best pain relief options for you.

The Science Behind Botox

Basically Botox is a safe extract from the disease botulism which is caused by food that hasn’t been preserved correctly. Botox has muscle relaxing properties that can ease pain in a number of areas in the body, the lower back is one of the most common areas that is treated in this way. Obviously by having these injections you are at no risk of contracting botulism because it is an extracted neurotoxic protein and it is administered in regulated conditions. It is amazing how scientists have managed to utilize a fatal disease and use it to improve people’s lives.

Botox At Simplyteeth

At Simplyteeth we are aware of the muscle relaxing properties of Botox and use Botox to treat the following ailments:-

  • Pain resulting from jaw clenching and teeth grinding.
  • Ease headache pain.
  • Stop tooth, jaw and gum injury.
  • Results can be seen in two days.

How Long do the Results Last For?

Generally results can last up to four months, depending on how quickly your body metabolises it and your lifestyle. It is perfectly safe to continue having repeat injections to control your pain as generally Botox does not have any long term side effects. You will be closely monitored before during and after your treatment so that any adverse reactions can be dealt with quickly and safely.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss the possibility of using Botox as part of your pain management treatment. We would be very happy to discuss your needs, please contact us here.


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