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Welcome to the dental practices of Dr. S. Sihra – a reputable, highly-regarded dentist in Essex for patients seeking affordable, high-quality dental care, smile design and cosmetic dentistry.

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Welcome to Simplyteeth Dental Practices

Our practices, based in Essex and Hertfordshire, offer a warm and friendly atmosphere. From our receptionist to all our nurses and dentists, we all work to make you very comfortable and relaxed in our modern practices. All of our dental equipment is new and cutting edge, ensuring we offer the latest treatments, including teeth whitening, in-surgery laser tooth whitening, white fillings, cosmetic dentistry, Botox and estylane as well as dental implants, six month smiles and Invisalign invisible braces.

We strive to deliver excellence in dentistry. When you join as a patient we hope you will be joining for life, and are confident you will be happy with our service, after-care and high quality of treatment.

If you are looking for a modern, cosmetic dentist in Essex, whether you are looking for someone to relieve a toothache, replace a filling, or full cosmetic dentistry with smile makeovers with crowns and veneers in Essex, orthodontic treatment with Six Month Smiles or Fastbraces, contact Simplyteeth and we will be sure to make the whole process straightforward and stress-free.

Life Changing Smiles

It was fantastic! I felt quite nervous before coming in, I do get quite nervous with dentists. I felt completely at ease within the first five minutes. The treatment has made a massive difference to my life, I felt quite insecure before having my teeth whitened. But after having them whitened I can now smile in photos and feel confident.

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Braces in Essex

At Simplyteeth, our cosmetic dentists are on hand to provide our patients with the best treatments and care. We cater for a wide range of common causes of unhappiness, one of the most common is wanting straighter teeth.

Typically treated with braces and aligners, our Essex dental practice offers some of the latest in cosmetic dentistry so that our patients get the best choice around. Including Six Month Smiles, Invisalign clear braces, Fastbraces and more.

Our range of braces options allow patients to find the best treatment for them, one that will achieve the results they want as well as fitting in with their lifestyles. For example, patients looking for clear braces in Essex can benefit from a system that is barely noticeable. Or Six Month Smiles braces which are tooth coloured and achieve straighter smiles in a shorter time for those patients suitable for them.

Find out more about those treatments on our website, or book in for a consultation with our dentist in Essex to talk about how we can help you achieve a straighter smile.

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